Welcome to PanMuse

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PanMuse, LLC expands boundaries and removes barriers to the creation of music. We make Bandojo, a software application that turns mobile devices and computers into musical instruments. Whether a person has prior musical experience or not; is young, old, or somewhere in between; Bandojo is kid-friendly but powerful in the hands of a pro, and accessible to people with limitations in mobility, vision, and cognitive function.

In addition, PanMuse is developing external Bandojo controllers that extend the Bandojo software. These include adaptive/assistive hardware and software interfaces, physical input systems, interactive installations for museums and public waiting areas, STEAM and Special Ed solutions for schools, therapy for hospitals and clinics, and wearable computing for dance. Already available physical input systems include Bandojo Touch Boards and Air Harps, which allow people to play music by, respectively, touching conductive objects and moving through space. Kits for building and customizing Touch Boards and Bandojo-active wearables find eager customers in STEAM education and the Maker Movement. The company’s patented software technology is at the heart of all of these projects.